When the flower blooms...

Why does the plant bloom the beautiful flower every year? Not only a decorative plant but also a wild plant makes a flower bloom without exception. They leave a next descendant at the last of the short life, and the flower blooms, too. I think that this flow inherited continuously is evidence that they lived. It is not for anyone, much less not for those who look forward to that. I think it is for their own, and this is one of the truth of this Britannia.

Britannia in which we live is full of many dreams. For example, the person who is going to show off himself's power, who is going to get fame, who is going to make people happy... there are so many dreams indeed. However, there is the truth "All things have a opposite side absolutely" in this world, and there is the darkness named despair contrary to the light named a dream. It is not a shameful thing even if you live in darkness. Because the darkness is the part of this world, and it is the one of the truth of this world.

I'm a thief, and live in the world of the gray which is not light or darkness, either. Those who steal from others, and I know that people hate a thief like me. However, the reason I am a thief is neither money nor an expensive thing. I want only evidence that I was alive to this Britannia. When I was going to leave evidence, I had only a method to become the thief, that's all. I don't care about liked or hated by another person. However, I determined that I do not take others' dream. Because I'm not a robber but a thief and I know the pain to lose a dream. So I have a pride and a rule in my way. Such as, I don't take memories and life, I don't disappoint another, I don't lie, or so.

I never hate my fate. I'll do what I can do now and only survive the world of this gray. Then, I'll leave more evidence that I was alive to this Britannia even if that is the notoriety. Till then, I cannot stop. As they fulfill the truth in this world, I'll also fulfill truth. And some day, I'll sink the body into the world of the gray of this Britannia.

So, when the flower blooms...